Auflistung geparkter oder dauerhaft abgestellter Flugzeuge auf dem Köln Bonn Airport


Parkplatz N

F-BUAD Köln Bonn Airport GmbH Airbus A300B2-103 0003

New Koeln Bonn Airport VisitorCenter and DLR permanent exhibition (planed)


D-AMAX BAe146-300 E3157 stored(still present) a/w+n/t
HA-FAO Fairchild SA-227AC Metro III AC-451B ex Cityline Hungary,stored(still present)
D-BAKD Fokker F27 Friendchip 600(F27 Mk600) 10179 WDL, stored(still present as wreck - no titels or markings)




D-AELM   Köln Bonn Airport GmbH
 Fokker F27 Friendship 600 (F27 Mk600)  10450 (Reconstruction work continues 2015)

Köln Bonn Airport - Fire Station (next to apron F2)

D-EKQA Piaggio 149D c/n 322
ex AS+473,

D-EDYP was marked as "D-CGNF" Stored at CGN since CofA expired in 09.72. Later repainted into all red cs. and given fictive registration D-CGNF. Today preserved in front of the fire station next to freight apron F2 (UPS). Visible from old perimeter road behind radar tower.

German Airforce - Inside air base (Koeln Porz-Wahn)

44+35 Panavia 200 (PA-200) Tornado

Preserved inside air base. Still present in 2009
38+30 McDonnel Douglas F-4 F Phantom II

Preserved inside air base. Still present in 2009

  • first flight 03.10.1975 (by GAF)
  • last flight 12.04.2007
  • total 6147 flights
40+43 AlphaJet

Preserved inside air base - near main gate. Still present in 2009

31+29 Fiat G.91R-3 c/n 396 ex Luftwaffe JBG-43

Aircraft arrived at Wahn in 1982 and was placed o­n a pylon in front of the "Luftflottenkommando" bulding. In 2009 it's NOT preserved. NOT visible from the outside.

23+98 F-104G c/n 8124 ex Luftwaffe

Preserved inside air base. Still present in 2008.
70+43 UH-1D c/n 8103 ex Heeresflieger Preserved inside air base. Still present in 2008.

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